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Aww Gurl


Leisurewear, athletics and apparel

Aww Gurl is a new leisurewear, athletics and apparel brand signifying a passion for love, health and wellness, both physically and mentally. Aww Gurl's mission focuses on empowerment, creating awareness and making a donation for those with mental health, depression and anxiety.

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Feb - Apr 2023


Brand Designer


Logo, pattern, digital mockups


Aww Gurl INC

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The Approach

AwwGurl is an empowering and inclusive athleisure brand dedicated to supporting and promoting mental health among women. We believe that mental well-being is as essential as physical fitness. I believed that the brand should reflect that. I used soft nude shades for a color palette. Gentle feminine strokes with haggard edges that show that women can be kind and resilient at the same time.

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