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This project that I worked on is a tablet design for the vendors to use.  The goal of this project to improve the tablet experience for the vendors and make it easy to use.


Product Designer 

Product Strategy, User Research, Visual Design

This is my fourth major project with OjaExpress. This gave me an opportunity to learn and gain in-depth knowledge of designing for a tablet.

Sep 2020 - Present


I began the redesign process by first analysing and identifying any usability issues present and prioritising accordingly.

OjaExpress is an emerging online ethnic grocery delivery service. I have discussed in great about OjaExress and My work in my previous project which can be found here.

The plan to redesign the merchant app began with an aim to increase partnering with the local grocers.


Sign in:

A simple sign in screen with all the necessary elements.



Cleaned up the dashboard , implemented the new design system to make the "OjaExpress Theme" consisted across all platforms.


Ongoing Orders - List View

I designed the ongoing orders with the right contrasting colours for easy identification. For the "shop card" on the left  I have an orange border and a slight shadow to show clearly show the shop that has been selected. The "request Driver" button is disabled until the vendor has added all the items on the list. There's also a progress bar to increase feedback and engagement. 

Ongoing List.png

Ongoing Orders - Grid View

The ongoing orders grid view also pretty much entails the same features like the list view. The grid view gives the users a bigger visualisation and so better clarity.

Ongoing List Grid View.png

Item Check

The item check popup is to doubly ensure that a particular product has been added.

Item Check.png

Dispatched Item

The dispatched view provides the functionality to call the driver to pick up, the user can track the order as well.

Dispatched View.png

Map View

The map view offers the vendor options to see both the driver as well as the customers location. This way he/she can ensure that the order is being delivered correctly.

Map View.png

Archived Order

The archived order contains all the delivered orders.

Archived Orders.png

Store Information

The store information contains all the stores the vendor has registered with OjaExpress.

Store Info.png

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Customer Information

The customer information contains the information of the customer who has placed the order with the cendor.

Customer Info.png


Working on user experience design for a tablet was quite challenging in a way simply because I did not have any previous experience. I'm extremely thankful to my supervisor Mr Fola Dada for being patient with my learning time and my ideas. For my first tablet design, I'm quite happy with how they've turned out to be. 

Thank you for taking out the time to read through!

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