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[appa] noun

Someone who give's great advice and is always encouraging and protective.

Also known as Father in English.

See also: superhero, ATM

Like a great mighty oak with its endless roots,

you stand proud and tall, bearing fruits.

Even as the ferocious winds angrily sway

Your tough exterior keeping us all at bay.

Like a colossal vessel's anchor holding the fight,

Resilient and strong against the ocean's unforgiving might

Your steadfast decisions make me wonder in awe

How potent and formidable they are, as is your love.

Like the magnificent sun roaring its heat,

The way the rays shine perennial and endless, without defeat,

Your journey through life is similar I see

Your virtue and valor, quite exemplary

And even though we're miles apart

Battling this treacherous pandemic from the start,

All I wish to sat from my heart is

Happy Birthday, Appa.

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