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The Weeping Rose

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

The Rose, like I

stands tall in the sun

amongst a green array

a proud shade of crimson.

The Rose, like I

dances for the summer winds

with effortless finesse

swaying steadily from within

The Rose, like I

silently observes,

all the unwelcome spectators

aberrating its course

The Rose, like I

wonders and hopes

for a world far far away

from the mundane green slopes

The Rose, like I

Once stood mighty and tall

the petals first kissed by the sun

were the ones to fall

The Rose, like I

refuses to wither away

weep it shall not

and continues to sway

The rose, like I

summons the summer winds

and together they fly

into the realm of joy.

~Arthi Abilasha B

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