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The Raging Sea

Shimmering under the sun

Glistening like the dew

An enchanting enigma is

The endless stretch of blue

As Dark clouds descend

A sly storms a-brew

The waves sweep with rage

As wild as they could

The air is laden with salt

The tides rise high and fall

Unforgiving is the sea

She likes to bury them all

Thrashing against the rocks,

into the caves they crawl

Racing against time

Caught in a frivolous brawl

The waves in wrath shriek

Charging in an absolute frenzy

Desperate to get ashore

Desperate to be free

Tell me who here can survive

The wrath of the raging sea

Her vigour remains unopposed

As does her dauntless fury

When the hovering clouds clear

And the storms finally cease

The waves shall rise and fall

Steadily With gentle ease

The enchantress of Poseidon

Enticing is her beauty

For who here can

Conquer the goddess of the sea?

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