As a primary and the first product designer for two start up companies my focus has been on establishing a structured design system in place. For this I have worked closely with product managers, developers and the founders.

The main goal of the redesign process was “To design a platform that promotes cross-cultural experiences through food” 


Vanika is an online high-end business tool developed by OjaExpress to promote cross-cultural online grocery shopping. OjaBI helps grocers sell their goods online effortlessly. 


The redesign was aimed at giving the new users an easier way into the CRM. The ask was to provide all the information a new user would want to know about the software upfront so it would be easier for them to make a descision. 


The main goal for this project was to build an ethnic food/recipes blogging platform where users can connect over a mutual love for ethnic food. 


Designing a better experience through out the vogue iOS App.


A brief case study on adding a new instagram feature


Some standalone pages I've worked on